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Graduate Program

We help people and improve lives.

You made it, completing your studies is a huge achievement. Well done!

So what’s the next step? 

Join the Encara team to make a big impact in your local community. Our new Graduate Program is flexible and works around your schedule to support you when you need it most. Run by Allied Health Professionals that are experts in the aged and community sectors. 

Nail your annual CPD hours and boost your knowledge with:
  • Regular in-service education sessions;
  • Support for external CPD training; and
  • Access to freshly released journal articles to ensure best practice.
You’ll also love:
  • Permanent roles with awesome remuneration;
  • Flexibility to create the timetable you want;
  • Career development – Grab your chance!; and
  • Opportunities to move around Australia with Encara!

About Our Graduate Program

Encara was founded by two Allied Health professionals who are guided by the principle of Encompassing Care. Everything we do has a caring approach; from the care of our clients to communication within the Encara family.

We invite you to expand your practical knowledge with our specifically designed 12 month Graduate Program. When joining the Encara family you’re supported by your National Education Coordinator, National, State and Regional Managers who are all qualified health professionals and were once in your shoes.

Encara promotes happiness within the team by responding to the needs of our co-workers and clients. We are supportive, proactive and accountable.

Encara values our therapists and recognises the importance of learning and professional development. With the wide range of services Encara provides, we can ensure diversity and opportunity within your career. 

The future is bright for anyone joining the Encara family as we continue to grow our offering in the aged and community care sectors across Australia. We’re proud that Encara offers progressive career opportunities to all members of our allied health team.

Graduate Program Frequently Asked Questions

The path ahead is exciting and a little daunting so we have everything you need to know about Encara’s graduate experience here:

Of course! We love new graduates at Encara and have a specifically designed program to support you and your growth. Encara is a National organisation and we will have a position for you. Positions are available year round for whenever you either graduate or receive your registration.

At Encara we have roles for; Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Osteopathy, Podiatry, Dietetics, Exercise Physiology and Speech Pathology.

Encara’s People & Talent team would love to chat with you!

Give us a call on 1300 761 965

Use the “Contact us” form here  or email

Yes, we do! To qualify for a graduate position with Encara, you must be eligible to work in Australia (if you are not a citizen, you need a valid work permit or VISA) and be registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency. Please get in touch to discuss your circumstances.

All graduate applicants must be nearing the completion of their study, hold or be eligible to hold registration with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency. We will discuss the specifics in more detail in your interview but to help guide you now.

You’re who is the stand out! We want to hear from you and chat to learn more about you. Some tips to help us find the best fit for you and Encara would be to know; where you want to work, your preferred role, working hours and any interest or willingness to travel. An up to date resume always helps too!

Yes! You’ll enjoy being linked into Encara’s New Graduate Education Program. The modules throughout the year are a mix of self-directed learning and group training sessions. You’ll enjoy detailed orientation training, convenient year-round in-services and the close professional support of your Regional Manager.

Day 1! Our Regional Managers train you in all aspects of your initial role. We’ll give you the support you need to hit the ground running and make a positive impact from day 1!

Yes. We encourage our graduates to connect, regardless of location and this is supported by our National Education Coordinator. Everyone at Encara is connected, we are one big family.

Along with your National Education Coordinator, we have National, State and Regional managers who are qualified health professionals who have been in your shoes with years of experience.

Encara holds quarterly social events for the team along with a cracking end of year Christmas party where we also invite your partner to celebrate with you.

At Encara we pride ourselves on being flexible and creating a working week that suits you best! We have roles across Aged Care Homes and in the Community Space - HomeCare, NDIS and Private Clients. This creates a lot of opportunities for what suits you best.

Yes! We’re a National provider working across; QLD, NSW, VIC, ACT, TAS, WA and SA. We are growing fast with lots of opportunities in all of those areas. There are possibilities for short term locums, long term stints or relocation, and these are emerging all the time.

We want to get to know each other! This is a chance for us to share some more detail on Encara, our future and the specifics of the role. It’s also a chance for you to grill us with as many questions as you like!

Nothing but a great attitude! We’re looking forward to discussing your career with Encara.

Work With Encara

Tell us about you!
Safron Ealden

Business Development Lead - Home Care & NDIS

My name is Safron; I joined Encara in 2022 working in intake and customer service. Through my time at Encara, I gained valuable insight into the operation of our Home Care and NDIS services and moved into my current role as Business Development Lead promoting allied health services to the vulnerable people of our community through all funding streams including HCP, NDIS and privately funded services.

In my spare time I enjoy photography, weightlifting and spending time with my family. 

Carlos Macias

Deputy State Manager QLD

My name is Carlos Macias, and I have been working as a physiotherapist for over 10 years. My initial influence was centred around elite athlete recovery programs, which included opportunities be involved with the Ethiopian Athletics Federation and the Ultraman World Championships in Hawaii. 

Moving to Australia from my home in Madrid, Spain, has allowed me to step into the Aged and Community sectors with Encara. This has been a welcome change of pace and it is some of the most rewarding work I have ever done. I love that we impact people’s lives, and most of all I am passionate about helping my clients maintain their independence and extend their time living at home surrounded by family. 

In my role as Deputy Queensland State Manager, I support our team of therapists in Queensland and manage the service delivery to all of our Queensland Aged Care clients. I think we have a great team, it’s always a great atmosphere, and I am very grateful for the vital work that each one of them do every day. 

In my spare time, I love spending time with my family and learning lessons from my young son every day.  My weekend activities include running or cycling and trying out the local cafes for my favourite meal time, breakfast, which always starts with a double shot latte.

Chelsea Bennett-Hall

Business Development Lead - Home Care & NDIS

My name is Chelsea; Since joining the Encara team in 2019 as a Rostering Administrator, I’ve transitioned into the role of Business Development Lead for the Home Care and NDIS Divisions.

As a proud member of the Encara family, my primary focus is connecting families with the best experts to empower the aged and disAbled communities, promoting their happiness, well-being, and independence. Through collaborative efforts with Encara’s allied health team and industry partners, I am enthusiastic about crafting innovative solutions that elevate the quality of care and support available to those in need.

You’ll often find me exploring the outdoors when I’m not working, accompanied by my sweet Italian Greyhound companion. Otherwise, I love indulging in Brisbane’s restaurants and travelling to new places where I can witness the sunset over the ocean.

Jenae Bryson

Talent Acquisition Partner

My name is Jenae; I have been with the Encara team since 2019; having experienced many roles within the company; I have gained exposure to rostering, claims and billing and, since 2020, Recruitment.

My current position as Talent Acquisition Partner allows me to work with therapists nationwide to find their ideal role. I love that placing therapists in Residential Aged Care and Community settings provides our clients access to Allied Health Services, vital for mobility, independence and re-ablement. We aim to encourage a Happy, Healthy and Independent workforce nationally.

Kylie Lewis

National Quality and Service Development Manager


Kylie has over 10 years’ experience working as a physiotherapist across a variety of clinical settings including private hospitals, private practice, aged care, and community and home care settings.

Her passion for pursuing a physiotherapy career stemmed from her experience as a competitive swimmer where she had extensive exposure to injury prevention and management.

Kylie has a drive towards leadership and enjoys the opportunity to support the health and wellbeing of Encara’s clients.


SA/WA State Manager

Hoan has a passion for hands-on treatment, rehabilitation and healthy ageing.

Having experienced working with a broad range of clients in culturally diverse environments, Hoan found aged care to be his area of choice. He values making a positive impact on the physical well being and quality of life of the elderly.


State Manager Victoria/ACT & Sth NSW

Luke joined the Encara team in 2016 having previously worked in a hospital, aged care and community settings.

Luke is driven to achieve the best outcomes for our most vulnerable Australian demographic with a particular passion for falls management and orthopaedic rehabilitation. With a collaborative multidisciplinary approach, Luke strives to mentor those involved in all aspects of client care in order to optimise physical function and quality of life within the aged care setting.

Luke is passionate about the development of young leaders and the growth of those within his team. During the summer weekends, you can find Luke playing cricket or attending live music with friends.


Education Coordinator

Rachel is a bubbly and passionate Physiotherapist with over 10 years’ experience in the industry. She spent the majority of her career working in private practice and has a real passion for sports physiotherapy after growing up competing as a New Zealand gymnast for many years. However, her interest in aged care was sparked after moving to Australia and joining Encara!

Rachel believes in “move it or lose it”, bringing positive energy to everyone she works with. She loves working as part of a team and is equally passionate about helping to mentor, educate and train everyone in the Encara Family.


National Clinical and Customer Experience Manager

Matthew has over 10 years of experience in physiotherapy and has been in a management role with Encara since 2015. He completed a Bachelor of Health Science (Musculoskeletal Therapy) before continuing his study with a Master of Physiotherapy Studies.

Matthew spent his first years in private practice and with state and national sporting teams before changing his focus to aged care. Matthew was very close with his grandparents growing up and has found working in aged care truly rewarding. He promotes a caring, positive and professional culture across Encara. 


General Manager

Melanie joined the Encara family in 2017 in the newly created role of Business Development Consultant. Since commencing at Encara, Melanie progressed into the role of Business Development Manager overseeing the onboarding of new clients in the Aged Care and Home Care Division, as well as operational oversight and growth of Encara Healthcare. Melanie moved into the role of General Manager in April 2022 where her focus is on the administrative operations of the Encara business.

Melanie has over 11 years of experience within the healthcare sector, from large corporate healthcare organisations to smaller private businesses.

Melanie values learning and developing her skill set from the guidance of industry experts and leaders, as well as her Encara family. In her spare time, Melanie enjoys staying active, dining out, and spending time with her family and close friends.

Peter O'Brien


My name is Peter O’Brien, and I am one of the founding directors of Encara and a qualified physiotherapist. With over 20 years of experience in the field, I am proud to have built a team of skilled professionals who share my passion for helping people improve their physical health and wellbeing. Whether you or a loved one require NDIS therapy support, home care, or aged care services, we are here to help.

Ongoing education and training are essential for providing the highest quality care and exceptional customer experience to our clients, and I encourage all members of my team to pursue professional development opportunities whenever possible.

Encara has become a trusted name in Allied Health services across Australia with our national coverage and dedication to excellence. Our goal is to help our clients be healthy, happy and independent, regardless of their age or physical abilities.

Bradley Packer


My name is Bradley, one of the founding directors of Encara and a qualified physiotherapist. I love that Encara’s people make a positive impact in their local communities every day. Whether preventing falls at home, delivering convenient therapy support to NDIS participants, or creating successful partnerships with aged care providers, I’m proud to help others feel happy, healthy and independent. At Encara, my focus is on the continued improvement and growth of Encara, to impact more people across Australia.

As Encara celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2024, I’m exceptionally proud of the careers we have launched and advanced with our industry-leading continuing professional development (CPD) programs.

I’m excited to apply Encara’s uniquely deep expertise to create outstanding customer experiences and clinical results for people in need nationwide.

Candice Wilson

Business Development Lead - Residential Aged Care

My name is Candice; I joined the People and Talent team at Encara in 2022 as Talent Acquisition Partner, managing the end to end recruitment and onboarding process to support the Encara team nationally. Through my time at Encara, I gained valuable insight into the operations and moved into my current role as Business Development Lead for Residential Aged Care, connecting with facilities nationwide to support residents with Encara’s RAC & Wellness Programs.

I have over ten years of experience in global leadership roles and have worked in Business Development across Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Australia. I love to travel and connect with people of all cultures and backgrounds. My spare time is spent hanging out with my animals at my Hobby Farm in the Scenic Rim.

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